Non-sticky vs Sticky Casino Bonus

Almost all online casinos offer their customers a variety of rewards – bonuses, tournaments, and so on. Some casinos have sweeter offers, others are less generous. But one way or another, today, each online platform has its bonus program that includes both ordinary (non-sticky) and phantom (sticky) promotions for players. In the article, we’ll tell you more about both kinds of bonuses and determine which one is better.

Online Casino Bonuses

Seeing the word Bonus on the screen, some people don’t quite understand what it implies. Let’s be precise – this isn’t a gift, and it’s not free. Bonuses are rather a nice addition for those who actively gamble and would like to get some extra funds to their bankroll. But not all bonuses are equally beneficial.

What Does Non-sticky Bonus Mean?

Non-sticky (or ordinary) bonuses are those that can be withdrawn from online casinos. These are the best deals for new players. The very process of obtaining them isn’t complicated – there are wagering conditions you need to fulfill. Once you’ve done that, the online casino allows you to cash out the bonus itself along with the winnings.

For instance, you’ve deposited $200 into your account, and the casino has credited you with a 100% match bonus (equal to the same amount). Let’s suppose that the wager size for you will be equal to twelve times the amount, that is, $4,800. Once you’ve met this condition, your account will have bonus money ($200) + winnings. You place an order for the withdrawal of all funds from your gaming account to the bank card (or another payment medium), and after 3-5 days, your $200+ winnings will be credited to it.

Bonuses of this type are considered the most profitable and safest for the player. However, while playing at online casinos, you will get acquainted with another type of bonuses – sticky offers.

What Does Sticky Bonus Mean?

Sticky bonuses are known as phantom ones because you’ll never be able to withdraw them. Bonus funds will remain in the possession of the casino you gamble on. To give an example, you have deposited $200 into your account, and the casino has credited you with a 100% bonus (an additional $200). After meeting all the wagering requirements, a certain amount (let’s say, $350) is displayed in your bankroll.

Contrary to a regular bonus, upon withdrawing all the money from the account to your card, the casino will allow you to cash out only the money that you managed to earn on top of the given sticky bonus amount. In other words, only $150 (350-200) will be credited to the card. Thus, any request to withdraw money from a casino account automatically deducts the size of the sticky bonus from your balance.

At first, it seems that it’s quite difficult to make any profit from a sticky bonus. However, this only happens when you play the game the same way as you would with a non-sticky bonus, making small bets and taking time to wager the bonus. Some players manage to earn thousands of dollars on sticky bonuses only. But if you’re a newbie, it’s likely that the sticky bonus won’t bring you any benefits, only harm.

Spending time on fulfilling the conditions of the wager, the value of which amounts to several thousand dollars, you’ll reach the point when your account balance becomes much smaller than with the first deposit. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to use phantom promotions correctly and read carefully through all their requirements.

Which One is Better?

Whether a sticky or non-sticky bonus is better for you depends on your budget and final goal. Casino games are unpredictable, so in both cases, you may either gain the upper hand or end up in the red. Yet we’d like to suggest a few tips, following which you’ll learn how to choose only beneficial bonus offers:

  • Always study the wagering requirements. The value of the wager has the most important role in wagering bonuses. If the wager reaches unrealistic sizes (above x50), then it’s wiser to pass on the bonus. As a rule, sticky bonuses are less demanding in terms of wagering requirements.

  • Pay attention to the amount of the bonus offered (in particular, for the maximum amount that the club can offer for a specific bonus). If you’re OK with it, then proceed to the next parameter. Also, keep in mind that in case of a sticky bonus, the credited money will expire in the end.

  • Country limitations are also important. This is a kind of restrictive measure for those regions where punters can’t receive any kind of bonus. Check if your country is listed.

  • Read all terms and conditions carefully! Some conditions are always hidden in the fine print, and the rules for calculating bonuses with subsequent wagering come with paragraphs of text and most players simply don’t bother reading them. It may turn out that you need to make a deposit or wager bonuses in suggested games only. Note that most freebies at online casinos are sticky ones but it’s not directly mentioned in the bonus description. Make sure to keep this in mind.

With that being said, we hope that this article was useful for you. Now, having a better understanding of casino sticky and non-sticky bonus offers, you can choose the best option for your needs. Good luck!