Mobile Online Casinos and Apps, Best 7 Mobile Slots

To play mobile slots, your phone must have a number of technical features. These will allow you to play all modern types of slots without any problems. You don't need to download a separate application, just go to the online casino website by entering its address into your smartphone and enjoy the game. Thanks to HTML5 technology, all slots load almost instantly on every mobile device.

A List of Mobile Online Casinos

Cashback up to 15%
Cashback up to 20%
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 300$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 300$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 100$/€
100% up to 300$/€ + 100 Free Spins
100% up to 200$/€ + 100 Free Spins

Best 7 Mobile Online Slots

#1. Polar Paws (Quickspin, RTP: 97,84%)


Producer: Quickspin

RTP: 97,84%

Volatility: medium

Paylines: 25

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 819x

Theme: Christmas

List of features: Free Spins, Scatter, Wild, Multiplier Wild

Quickspin's "Polar Paws" slot game is a joyful celebration of the holiday season, imbued with Christmas cheer and the enchantment of a snowy Arctic wonderland. More than just a festive frolic, the game allows you to play for real money, instilling every spin with a thrilling dash of excitement and anticipation.

"Polar Paws" stands out with an impressive RTP of 97.84%, making it one of the most rewarding presents under the gaming Christmas tree. The game’s medium volatility ensures a steady stream of surprises, much like unwrapping presents on Christmas morning.

A generous offering of 25 paylines coupled with a maximum win multiplier of 819x your stake transforms this wintry adventure into a potentially lucrative venture. Like a Christmas stocking brimming with goodies, every spin can hold a delightful surprise.

Game features like Free Spins act like extra gifts under the Christmas tree, while the Scatter and Wild symbols bring a dash of magic to the frosty Arctic landscape. The Multiplier Wild feature, like a Christmas miracle, can multiply your rewards, making "Polar Paws" a festive feast for slot enthusiasts.

"Polar Paws" serves up a merry blend of holiday cheer, captivating gameplay, and the exciting chance to win real money. Step into this festive winter wonderland and let the Christmas magic begin!

#2. Razor Shark (Push Gaming, RTP: 96,7%)


Producer: Push Gaming

RTP: 96,7%

Volatility: High

Paylines: 20

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 50,000x

Theme: Ocean

List of features: Mystery Stacks feature, Razor Reveal feature, Free spins

Push Gaming invites us to take a deep dive into the briny blue with their high-octane slot game, "Razor Shark". Here's the rub - this ocean-themed escapade not only teems with vibrant marine life but also promises adrenaline-charged gameplay with its high volatility. But fear not, for the return-to-player rate sits comfortably at 96.7%, ensuring a solid balance between risk and reward.

This slot game isn't merely a whirlpool of exciting gameplay; it's also remarkably convenient. Got a smartphone? Perfect! Razor Shark's compatibility with mobile devices means you can embark on your underwater treasure hunt whenever, wherever!

The aquatic adventure bristles with 20 paylines. Plus, with the potential for a mammoth 50,000x maximum win multiplier, the game's high stakes echo the thrilling unpredictability of the ocean itself.

However, the real charm of Razor Shark lies in its fantastic features. The Mystery Stacks feature adds a dash of intrigue, while the Razor Reveal can provide the key to unlocking bountiful rewards. And just when you think you've seen it all, along comes the Free Spins feature to keep you hooked for hours on end.

With Razor Shark, Push Gaming truly makes a splash in the world of online slots. It's engaging, it's mobile-friendly, and it's brimming with opportunities for big wins. Dive in, the water's fine!

#3. Money Train 3 (Relax Gaming, RTP: 96,1%)


Producer: Relax Gaming

RTP: 96,1%

Volatility: High

Paylines: 40

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 100,000x

Theme: Wild West

List of features: Respin feature, Multiplier, Free spins, Money Cart Bonus

Buckle up, partner, and let's embark on a wild ride with Relax Gaming's high-voltage online slot, "Money Train 3". Mosey on into the Old West, where danger and fortune go hand in hand. Despite its high volatility, the prospect of reaping bountiful rewards keeps your spirit high. With an RTP of 96.1%, there's more than just tumbleweeds rolling in this dusty frontier town.

On the move? No worries! Money Train 3's mobile compatibility ensures that the thrill of the chase is never more than a pocket's reach away. A gold rush on-the-go, if you will.

Don your cowboy hat and take a shot at the 40 paylines. With the promise of a staggering 100,000x max win multiplier, it's clear as a prairie sky - the stakes are high, and so are the potential rewards.

But the game truly strikes gold with its unique features. The Respin feature adds a frenetic pace, the Multiplier sends winnings soaring, and the Free spins keep the action going like a well-oiled locomotive. Then there's the Money Cart Bonus, the golden nugget of them all. With these features in your holster, winning chances look as vast as the Wild West itself.

So, dust off your boots and hit the trail with Money Train 3. The high-stakes fun awaits, no matter where you roam!

#4. Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic, RTP: 96,6%)


Producer: Pragmatic

RTP: 96,6%

Volatility: High

Paylines: Scatter Pays

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 21,100x

Theme: Candy

List of features: Scatter Pays, Free Spins, Buy Free Spins, Multipliers

Unleash your sweet tooth with Pragmatic's delightful online slot, "Sweet Bonanza". This game is like a candy store filled with vibrant colors, high-energy gameplay, and the alluring chance to bag a win as sweet as candy. Although the game possesses a high volatility, its generous RTP of 96.6% ensures that there are more treats than tricks.

This isn't just a game you play; it's a game you can take with you, thanks to its mobile compatibility. Spin the reels on your phone or tablet and make every place your personal candy land!

Sweet Bonanza does away with traditional paylines and instead, embraces the innovative Scatter Pays system. Wins aren't confined to lines, and they come as unexpected surprises, just like finding a hidden candy in a cookie jar. Plus, the prospect of a max win multiplier soaring up to 21,100x is the cherry on top!

The game's features are as enticing as a box of assorted chocolates. Free Spins to extend your fun time, Buy Free Spins for those eager to jump right into the excitement, and Multipliers that inflate your winnings like a gumdrop. It's a sugar rush in every spin!

All in all, Pragmatic's Sweet Bonanza offers a winning recipe for slot lovers. It's the perfect blend of sweetness, fun, and potential big wins, all packaged to be enjoyed on the go. Indulge yourself, it's a treat you won't regret!

#5. Pixies of the Forest 2 (IGT, RTP: 96,27%)


Producer: IGT

RTP: 96,27%

Volatility: Low

Paylines: 99

Theme: Fantasy

List of features: Mystery Jackpot feature, Wild, Multipliers

Step into the magical realm of "Pixies of the Forest 2", a captivating online slot conjured up by the enchanters at IGT. In this whimsical fantasy-themed game, fairies flit and pixie dust twinkles, creating an experience that's nothing short of spellbinding. With a low volatility, the stakes might seem more gentle than wild, but a solid RTP of 96.27% promises a fair sprinkle of winning magic.

And the charm doesn't stop there. Pixies of the Forest 2 seamlessly fits into the palm of your hand with its mobile compatibility. It's like having a portal to a fantasy world right in your pocket, accessible anytime and anywhere!

This game doesn't merely enchant with its 99 paylines. It also draws you in with the prospect of a hearty win. With multipliers that promise to amplify your stakes, your every spin could lead to a pot of gold!

But the standout feature has to be the Mystery Jackpot. As unpredictable as a sprite and as alluring as fairy gold, it adds a thrilling layer of suspense to your gameplay. Plus, the wild symbols are there to ensure a flight of fantastic winnings.

In Pixies of the Forest 2, IGT has woven a tapestry of delightful gameplay, fairytale graphics, and intriguing features. It's not just a game; it's an invitation into a world of fantasy and winnings, right at your fingertips!

#6. Wild Antics (Blueprint, RTP: 95,51%)


Producer: Blueprint

RTP: 95,51%

Volatility: Medium

Paylines: 20

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 400x

Theme: Magic

List of features: Bonus Game, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds

Prepare to be spellbound by Blueprint's online slot game, "Wild Antics". Set amidst a magical landscape, this game transports you to a world where mystery, whimsy, and winnings coexist. Despite its medium volatility, the 95.51% RTP ensures a balance between the magical and the practical, leading to a gratifying gaming experience.

What makes this even more enchanting? You can tap into this realm of magical slots wherever you go, thanks to its seamless mobile compatibility. It's like having your magic carpet ride, right in your pocket!

With 20 paylines to play, each spin carries the potential for an exciting discovery. The maximum win multiplier might be a humble 400x, but the true charm of Wild Antics lies in its enchanting features.

The Bonus Game is like a magician's hat, brimming with surprises. The Free Spins keep the magic flowing, spinning the reels into a mesmerizing dance. And, the Expanding Wilds? They're like a wizard's spell, spreading across the reels to maximize your winning opportunities.

Blueprint's Wild Antics isn't merely a slot game - it's a gateway to a magical adventure packed with fun, surprises, and potential winnings. So, step into this magical world and let the wild antics begin, wherever you are!

#7. Wild Lava (Playtech, RTP: 96,47%)


Producer: Playtech

RTP: 96,47%

Volatility: Low

Paylines: 40

Maximum win multiplier (x times of your stake): 10,000x

Theme: Volcano

List of features: Free Spins, Unlimited Multipliers, Respin Feature

Immerse yourself in the volcanic allure of Playtech's "Wild Lava", an online slot game that's sizzling with thrilling gameplay and steaming hot wins. Despite its low volatility, it heats up the stakes with a robust RTP of 96.47%, ensuring a lava flow of rewards that's as steady as it is exciting.

The eruption of entertainment doesn't stop there. With Wild Lava's mobile compatibility, you can take the volcanic thrill with you, playing this slot game whenever and wherever the mood strikes!

The game offers 40 paylines, making each spin a chance to trigger a thrilling eruption of winnings. The maximum win multiplier of 10,000x is enough to set your gaming spirit ablaze and keep it burning bright.

Wild Lava's features are as unpredictable and exciting as a real volcano. The Free Spins feature keeps your game in a constant state of effervescence, the Unlimited Multipliers feature can inflate your winnings to stratospheric levels, and the Respin feature provides an added layer of excitement to your gaming experience.

Playtech's Wild Lava brings together the thrill of volcanic unpredictability and the joy of slot gaming into an exciting, mobile-friendly package. Brace yourself for the eruption of fun!

Mobile casinos and slots

Since the advent of the Internet, the development of the gambling industry has not stopped. In the early 2000s, the opening of the first online casino was an incredible breakthrough. At that time, in order to successfully use the virtual platform, players had to additionally install various software (e.g. Flash extensions for your browser). Users adjusted to these requirements and began to spend more time at online casinos than at land-based casinos.

Even after 10 years, the race for comfort for their customers has led operators to what we have now - a couple of clicks and there you are, playing your favorite gambling games right from your gadget. Mobile slots are now available to anyone who has a phone or tablet with internet access. Such games are in great demand because they can be opened on the road, during a work break, in a bank or in a traffic jam.

Although classic online slots can still be found at gaming sites, new-generation games prevail in any casino. This is not surprising, as all games automatically adjust to the screen size of any device, saving internet traffic without losing their functionality.

How to play slots on mobile devices?

There are two ways to play slots with your devices:

  • On the game platform itself in real-time

  • Download to your device.

All operators strive to give their customers the best gaming experience. Given the simplicity of slot machines and their use, users opt for the former. What's more, developers allow their products to be opened without the risk of losing money. This is no less important, especially when it comes to iGaming novelties.

You can play online slots directly in the browser of your gadget. This can be Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. For the most comfortable session, you should have a stable internet connection and some free time. Typically, these games have a user-friendly interface. Large buttons simplify the gameplay and control the slot. Before you start playing, register on the site. Then go to the casino lobby and select the slot you're interested in, either through the website's search bar or through the games navigation bar. In the second case, you can choose jackpot slots, video slots, slots with the Buy bonus feature, etc.

The other way of opening games on devices is not as popular as the first, for several reasons. The first, and perhaps most important, is the need to control the amount of available memory for storing games on the device. You will agree that this is not very convenient, especially if the amount of memory of the built-in storage is not intended to store applications of great weight. In this case, you will have to think about using a flash drive. Secondary reasons include:

  • The smartphone must have a good image (at least 16 bits)

  • The operating system must be suitable for the slot

  • Risk of "infecting" your mobile device with a virus.

It's important to note one major advantage of downloadable slots over browser-based games - you can play even when your internet speed is weak or not available at all. You can download online slots for free from Google Play and AppStore or directly from the casino website (if available). The downloaded slots are run through an app, which also needs to be installed on your mobile device.

On which mobile devices can I play slots?

All of the games produced are rendered using HTML5 information structuring technology. This is a universal programming language that allows online slots to become accessible on any device (IOS, Android or Windows).

In recent years, tech devices with the iOS operating system have been rapidly gaining popularity among punters. This is due to the fact that Apple uses the best ways to protect its products from viruses, as well as offering state-of-the-art technical solutions. Additionally, as a separate advantage to playing slots on the iOS system, you should highlight the incredibly fast processor. Thanks to this, you'll experience maximum enjoyment from the smooth gameplay. Even though the Apple technology is not compatible with Flash games, this will not be a problem. For the past 5 years, providers have been using HTML5 technology which eliminates the need to use this outdated platform.

For many years, the Android operating system has maintained its popularity. This is due to the fact that Android is equally successful in supporting multimedia Flash games and modern HTML5 games. The financial affordability of smartphones with this system should not be discounted. It's also important to note that Android games have no software requirements for online slots. Thus, you get complete freedom in choosing the slots that are available on your devices.

Windows is a fairly young system when it comes to its adoption on mobile devices. It has not become as popular as Android and iOS, but that does not mean that it is not worthy of attention. When creating slot machines for Windows, the providers also use an HTML5 structure. This makes you just as comfortable using Windows as you are using other operating systems for fun.

Do I have to download a slot or an App?

Every fan of online slots sooner or later faces the choice of whether or not to download them/the app with the games to their handheld device. The answer depends on your personal preference, as from a technical point of view it is obvious - no, there is no need for that. Moreover, when it comes to onboard memory, the best solution is to use the machines directly in your browser. Modern mobile devices still can't boast a large internal storage capacity, so you'll have to figure out what to use to clear the memory. That's not very handy when you're using a lot of useful apps. If you opt for the modern version of playing your favorite slots, however, you'll only have to clear the accumulated cache from time to time.

Another obvious benefit of browser games is instant access. Consider this. When you're waiting for a negotiating partner before a business meeting, you'll spend most of your already limited time downloading them. Instead, you could use your free time more constructively.

Some browser games offer you the chance to risk a minimum deposit in exchange for a chance to hit the big jackpot. The number of such games grows by several hundred each month. Even if you can't lay claim to big winnings, you can just as easily find plenty of online slots with good payouts, albeit small. So modern technology allows you to play anytime, anywhere.

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