Best Paying 16807 Paylines Online Slots

Best slots with 16807 paylines are also called Megaways. This means that winning chains will be generated when three or more symbols appear on adjacent reels. They do not need to line up on a line. Each of the reels can have a different number of pictures, which makes such slots even more exciting. Plus, more advanced prize features like Avalanche Reels and Buy Bonus await you in Megaways games.

Best paying 16807 paylines online slots

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Paylines: 16807

It's been a long time since the first slot was introduced. Initially, it was a cumbersome slot machine that contained three reels, a few symbols and just one line on which those pictures had to line up. Decades have passed and slots have changed so much that now to surprise players, many developers are going to radical measures and recycle slot designs by adding more and more variety of bonus features, changing the very design of games making them unique and futuristic, adding lots of lines or remove them altogether.

This has all led to slots being modified to such an extent that you are now offered an incredibly large selection of different games. One of the main innovations is the introduction of a large number of paylines. What does it really look like? It's quite simple. If you're used to seeing online casino slots with 9, 20 or 50 paylines then you'll be faced with 16,807 ways to come up with winning sequences and you'll be slightly confused. It's not easy just by word of mouth. In reality, this means that a slot with that many paylines will only make winning combinations when three or more of the same picture appear on the adjacent reels.

Notably, the overall design of the slots with 16,807 paylines is slightly different from the simple slots with 5 reels and 4 rows of symbols. Here there can be anywhere from 1 to 5 or 6 pictures per reel. And, the number of symbols on each reel can be completely different. Now you don't have to wait for the symbols to form some kind of payable chain, which will line up.

How to play 16807 paylines slots?

There's nothing easier than playing slots with 16807 paylines. The thing about these games is that they involve betting on a spin. Simply put, you bet on the outcome of a round. When a winning combination comes up, the bet you make gets the multiplier that is inherent in these symbols. So, all you have to do is run the slot, place your bet and press spin. By and large, it's no different from the classic games you're used to seeing in online casinos.

Note, however, that in the mobile version of the selected slot with 16807 paylines, the controls may be slightly different. But, the general principle of the game is the same in both the desktop version for computers and the mobile version for smartphones and tablets.

Specifics of 16807 paylines slots

Typically, slots with 16807 paylines are called Megaways. The fact is that this type of game was developed by BTG, who called them that. In most cases, you will find slots with 5 reels x6 rows. This is the classic arrangement of reels and rows. Plus, it's a relatively new product that's on the iGaming market.

Players are increasingly opting for Megaways slots because they are the only ones with different features. For example, you can find Avalanche feature, Buy bonus, Expanding reels and many other paying options.

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